About Keep-Alive I.T

What does Keep-Alive I.T do?

“Showing people what I.T systems are capable of, developing high quality software, and running I.T effectively is what we do. We’re pretty good at all of these things and can apply our I.T knowledge to your requirements, or do things how we think they should be done, as experts in the I.T field.

Keep-Alive I.T is a universal I.T Hardware & Software Consultancy company who has over a decade of specialist experience with developing agile software solutions, and keeping I.T systems operational. Being a universal I.T consultancy company means we are able to take on work involving Software, or Hardware systems; Covering I.T workloads such as Application Development, Infrastructure Development, and Network Design.

We strive to compliment our I.T Development & Operations services with excellent project management and customer service, enabling customers to forget about their I.T stresses and rely on us to do what we do best to get the job done.

Who can benefit from our services?

Consumers and businesses can benefit from our services. Helping consumers with their I.T was the start to our company but we have since expanded to offering business services too.

Whether you’re a small business who needs help designing & setting up a small Local Area Network (LAN), a medium sized company who wants to start selling a new range of products online via an in-house developed e-commerce platform, or a FTSE 100 company who requires expertise advice with a Cloud migration strategy for enterprise workloads; Keep-Alive I.T will plan, consult, and implement I.T solutions for organisations of all size - no matter their technical literacy, or employee count.

If you’re a business manager or executive and have ever discussed a question similar to the following:

  • How can the business save money on its I.T costs?
  • How can the business improve the robustness and availability of its I.T?
  • What technologies can we use to enable feature X?
  • How should we scale our I.T to take our business targets to the next level?

Then our services are definitely for you!

How much does Keep-Alive I.T charge for its I.T services?

We believe being transparent and open about pricing to potential and current customers is important. This is why we’ve tried to be as descriptive as possible about pricing on our website’s service pages to give you an approximate price for the service on offer. This means you can get a good ballpark figure of our service costs ahead of time, allowing you to shop around if you’re not happy with the quote we’ve provided you with, and avoiding you any nasty surprises throughout our time working together.

Please Note: Some services will require a review of current implementation(s) (if any) and an analysis of your requirements before we are able to agree on a price for the work that needs completing. This is the nature of consultancy services and you should expect custom quotes from us before we start working for you.

More information about Keep-Alive I.T

Our bases

Our staff work at fixed office locations and remotely. Please note that our offices are not currently accessible for public access without booking an appointent with one of our I.T consultants. Once you've got an appointment, you'll be able to find offices at the following locations.

The process of working with us

If you've never worked with a consultancy agency before, we understand things can be a little confusing. We've written a detailed outline of the process of working with us to help you get a better understanding of the different stages of our time working together.

Jobs at Keep-Alive I.T

If you're interested in working for Keep-Alive I.T, please check out our job page for more information about what it's like to work for us and to see our current and upcoming vacancies.