Company Environmental Policy for Keep-Alive I.T Ltd.

Keep-Alive I.T places great importance on its environment and its vision is to ensure it plays a part in the protection and long-term sustainability of the natural world. Our aim is to minimize the environmental impact of our product and services, and to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance.

Keep-Alive I.T consistently aims to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and reduce its impact on its surroundings.

The main objective of Keep-Alive I.T’s environmental policy is to reduce the amount of waste produced and resources used by the business.

Keep-Alive I.T has introduced numerous initiatives to restrict its negative impact on the environment wherever possible. The company’s commitments include:-

  • Complying with the relevant requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and all other domestic legislation concerned with the protection of human and natural
  • Optimally utilising resources and re-using materials wherever possible
  • Implementing recycling initiatives for items that cannot be reduced or re-used
  • Encouraging more sustainable purchasing practices by purchasing environmentally responsible items wherever practicable
  • Influencing our suppliers and contractors to encourage them to be environmentally responsible
  • Communicating the environmental policy to all employees and encouraging their involvement
  • Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to carry out our work and communicate with clients and suppliers – thus avoiding the generation of excessive volumes of paper waste
  • Encouraging our staff to minimise car journeys and use environmentally sustainable transport methods in respect of commuting and business journeys wherever practical

Increase our reputation as an environmentally sensitive and responsible organisation amongst our employees, partners, clients and the general public in this generation and the next.

Review annually this environmental policy in relation to any new organisational practices, changes in legislation and achievement as regards environmental target set.

Keep-Alive I.T CEO or Owner is responsible for all the principles laid down in the company environmental policy. The management team and those employed by the company are responsible for fully supporting the policy through their co-operation and participation.

We warmly welcome any suggestions customers wish to make about other environmentally friendly ideas we could pursue.

This policy was last updated on the 24th of January, 2020.