Jobs at Keep-Alive I.T

The primary objective of our Business

Here at Keep-Alive I.T, the primary objective of our business is to develop and maintain I.T systems. Our business keeps its doors open by working with clients on their I.T Hardware & Software requirements. The objective of our business is to analyse, develop, and maintain robust I.T solutions. Our entire revenue stream is performance based and our client base spans different sectors, different team sizes, and involves local, national, and international reach.

Our business focuses on four core skill areas to achieve its objective. These four skill areas comprise of:

  • Business Requirements Analysis Skills.
  • I.T Consultancy & Software Development Skills.
  • Project Management Skills.
  • Customer Service / I.T Support Skills.

Our workforce is divided into consultancy, customer service, and technical roles. No day working at Keep-Alive I.T is ever the same, meaning less monotony than your usual desk job. There’s also plenty of work to do as long as the World is using I.T (which in theory, its usage won’t be decreasing anytime soon!), and we’re continuously seeking work from clients.

If you think this is the sort of places you’d like to work, please have a browse of some of our open job positions.

Base requirements of working for us

You must like a challenge

Working for Keep-Alive I.T certainly isn’t easy and is only for those who have a passion for what they do. After an initial staff onboarding period, you will be expected to work alone and regularly identify & discuss the impact of how the work you’re doing is contributing towards Keep-Alive I.T’s wider company goals. This brings many challenges to your work, but also gives you a level of personal satisfaction in the long run by knowing that the work you’re doing is having a positive impact on the wider company.

We’re very greatful of the staff who work for us and believe positive outcomes should put you in situation where you can get potential pay rises. We encourage all staff to live their working day as if they’re close to getting a pay rise and we regularly monitor staff performance to determine if a salary raise, or bonus should be given.

We prefer breadth of knowledge, rather than depth of knowledge.

We believe our team must be equipped with the right skills to get the job done. It’s okay for a team member to be an expert at a particular task, but we try to get our entire team equipped with the core skills needed to thrive in their job, rather than having a working role as if they’re a contractor. This opens doors to continuously learning new skills and builds a happier workforce overall.

Challenges of working at Keep-Alive I.T

Imagine a having a job where you’ll be hands-on with technical problems

  • Developing & Maintaining new or existing websites.
  • Developing & Maintaining new or existing software applications.

Benefits of working at Keep-Alive I.T

  • Wellbeing allowance of £300 per year, after the first year of working for us.

    We want to support you in your personal development outside of work, specifically in terms of learning new skills or challenging yourself in a way that is positive for your health and wellbeing.

    We understand all employees aren't the same therefore we wouldn't expect everyone to take advantage of a subsidised gym membership for example. So, rather than limiting your choice, you can spend your allowance however you see fit as long as it fits within the parameters of health and wellbeing personal development.

    • gym membership
    • classes (martial arts, cookery, dance, yoga, fitness, bootcamp, etc.)
    • a weekend / week retreat with a focus on health and wellbeing
  • Professional development allowance of £500 per year
    Keep-Alive I.T supports employees’ professional development with an annual allowance of £500. The allowance could be used to attend a course, a conference or a networking event. If you can show that it will help you in your role at Keep-Alive I.T then we would be delighted to support you.
  • Team lunches & Team nights out
    Every quarter, Keep-Alive I.T organises a company wide night out where everyone is welcome. Take it to the race track, bowling or comedy nights, there is something available for all employees to participate in.
  • Breakfast
    Every morning there is a breakfast spread free of cost. **What you can expect from breakfast:** - Healthy: We try to offer products that are not bad for you! - Enough for everyone: The goal is to have enough food for everyone. But sometimes we just run out of stock, bad luck... No worries, we will get some more next time. - Variety: Variation is good. But it's also good to keep some things special. Like luxury products or snacks, we order these occasionally. This should keep it special and within our budget. - If you have any food related suggestions, send them to Charlotte in the #office channel
  • Work From Home
    Every **Wednesday,** company-wide, you have the option to work from home. The office will be *always* be open and available for whoever prefers it. At the end of each Wednesday, we ask that you post about something that you’ve done that day in **#wednesday-sharing** Slack channel. We also offer working from home when for instance, if you have the plumber coming or you are waiting for a furniture delivery. Our key ask is that you discuss this with your line manager before making arrangements.
  • Dog friendly office
    Our offices are dog friendly.
  • A workstation of your choice
    Windows or Mac? Your choice. We supply every new employee with a Windows Laptop, or a Android Phone.
  • Referral Scheme
    Bonus for referring someone for a Job at Keep-Alive I.T. The bonus is claimable in the form of an Amazon voucher or cash payment. The referral bonus is taxable. The bonus amounts are based on the roles and outlined below: - Engineering £2,000 - COps £500 - Any other role £1,000 *These amounts are reflection of how difficult it is to hire the respective roles.*
  • Fruit in the office
    Ordered into the office on a weekly basis for everyone at Keep-Alive I.T to enjoy.
  • Cycle to work scheme
    Keep-Alive I.T employees are granted the opportunity to purchase a bike and bike accessories under the cycle to work scheme up to £1,000. Link to the Keep-Alive I.T registration page: []( If you have any questions, please speak to Head of Finance.
  • Mental Health Support
    Sanctus are a brilliant organisation that provides coaching with a focus on mental health. You can learn more about them and their approach [here]( The sessions are 100% confidential, non-judgemental and available for you to talk about anything - it doesn't have to be work-related. We would encourage everyone at the company, no matter whether you feel 100% healthy, to book a session with Sanctus and give it a go. To book a session, please click on the following link: [https://sanctusatKeep-Alive](https://sanctusatKeep-Alive
  • Workplace pension scheme
    Currently 3% from 6th April 2019.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • When will I hear back about my job application?
    When you send us your CV, we do our best to get back to you within 72 hours. But because of the number of applications we get, if you're not invited to an interview, we're afraid we can't offer feedback at this stage. If you've made it through to have a phone call or on-site interview, congratulations! We'll aim to get back to you within 72 hours.
  • What should I wear to an interview?
    Don't feel like you have to dress up. We have a casual dress code in the office, so just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.
  • Can I apply for a role that doesn't exist?
    We're always looking for new and innovative talent. If you believe you can make a change to the way our company works then we'd love to hear from you!
  • Does Keep-Alive I.T work with recruiters?
    Yes. Please get in touch if you are a recruiter that's looking to fulfill one of our job opportunities.

Graduate PHP Developer

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