Website Development Checklist

Creating a new website may seem like an extremely stressful task for some people but proper planning will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. That’s why we’ve created this Website Development Process to help describe the different stages of the development process and to understand how our working relationship is effective.

Phase 1: Knowledge & Requirements Gathering

During the Knowledge & Requirements Gathering phase, the customer (you), and the developer (us) will discuss the mission & Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business or organisation. This will help both parties identify the customer needs and create a vision of what the customer hopes to achieve with their new Website. We’ll ask you some detailed questions about what your Website needs to do during this phase so that we have all the information we need to know. This will usually involve having a meeting in person - but don’t worry about this! We’ll throw some ideas at you if you get stuck during the meeting and it won’t be formal in any way.

Phase 2: Layout & Design

Once the developer has a better understanding of the business or organisation’s requirements, the design work begins. Based on the information provided by the customer in Phase 1, the designer will create a design and send it to you for review. The design is worked on until you are 100% satisfied* and love the way it looks. Once we’re given the go ahead with our design, we’re ready to move onto Phase 3, which is the Implementation phase.

Phase 3: Implementation

Now that we have a final design and a clear picture of what the client wants, we can begin building the actual Website. The implementation phase consists of coding the required functionality of the Website, and implementing the design we came up with in Phase 2. After this phase is complete, the Website comes to life and you can start using its features. This is the most time consuming phase of our time working together, so it may be some time before you hear back from us depending on your project size.

Phase 4: Feedback

Now that Website is ready, we want to hear your final feedback about it. If there’s anything that needs changing, we will make some last minute tweaks** to it before the Website goes ‘live’ for your company / customers/ organisation to use.

Phase 5: Launch & Training

The new Website is now ready to be shown to the world! In the Launch & Training phase, the website is made live for customers to see. Training is available to learn how to use the new Website. E.g. if we build you a Website which is built on a content management system, we will provide you with a short guide on how to use the system. This will allow you to update the Website’s content without knowledge of web coding.

  • Please ask us about our client satisfaction policy.
  • Software glitches (also known as bugs) may arise during the implementation phase. This can sometimes take more than just a few minutes to fix, but completely depends on the project. Please ask us about this.