VirtualBox, Git, and Vagrant

Forming a new Software Development Team, or on-boarding new Software Developers in an existing Software Development Team can be a challenging, frustrating, and a time consuming process. Offload your Development Team Formation tasks onto us and we’ll apply our expertise with forming an in-house, or remote Software Development team for you. We’ll do this by hiring new Software Developers, Onboarding new Software Developers into a Team, Managing existing staff, and implementing plans & processes to make Software Development projects easier to manage.

Development Team Formation & Developer Onboarding

Keeping software developers motivated to produce high quality work is a task every modern high-profile business must face

Developing in-house software has its own pro’s and con’s, with the primary pro being that the software that’s developed for an organisation is internal

How does a business achieve such a

Staff satisfaction is very important within a company. If individuals are satisfied with their role, then morale is increased

A high turnover of software developers at a company is usually an indication that there is a problem with the way which your software developers are working.

As a project progresses, more code is produced, meaning more

  • Spaghetti code
  • Untested code

  • Development standards
  • Version control

  • Environment setup

Bad code produces bugs.

A good project manager

cost control, time management

  • Using Virtualisation to mimic production environments

Consider this service as ‘Project Management as a Service’

Our promise is that we will offer considerable savings to your startup or enterprise business

Onboarding is the processes an organization has in place to integrate new employees upon commencement. Typically an onboarding program will involve some combination of: showing a new employee the requirements of their role, teaching them broader company processes and making them familiar with the company’s culture. A variety of methods are used to achieve this, with hands-on practice and computer-based training being the most popular. Many HR professionals view onboarding as important for making new staff quickly feel at ease in the company and enabling new staff to start being productive as soon as possible. Employer efforts in the regard seem to be well received, with a majority of new employees worldwide finding their employer was helpful in getting them prepared for their new role.

Conflict resolution

We can suggest the right tools and processes for your software development needs.

We can design solutions for Windows, Linus, or Mac operating systems. With our tried and tested workflow solutions, we have seen an improvement to development teams working across multiple operating systems simultaenously, where before this caused many conflicts and confusions in the team.

Short Term Software maintenance contract

Long Term Software maintenance contract

There may come a time when you know a current employee will be away from work for some time due to planned absence, or maternity leave. This can leave managers or directors in a complex situation as it means they need to start hiring for new employees.

Technical documentation and team training

Whether you’re looking for a drop-in developer for your team to cover instances such as sickness, or maternity, we are able to


Cost of our Development Team formation and developer onboarding services


We complete all training on our own back, leaving you with no worries or chasing up staff. Just like a traditional employee has a probationary period, we offer this same guarantee.

Our Guarantee

We’ll give you a time estimate for the work that needs completing. If the task to be completed requires more time, we’ll notify you ahead of time about this.

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