Having well-versed and knowledgable staff is a key element of ensuring work gets done by your staff efficiently and on time. We offer one-to-one, or group workshop based software training sessions tailored towards training staff with I.T Systems & Software Packages. Offload your staff I.T training requirements onto us so that your staff are confident with using whatever I.T you throw at them and we guarantee your business will become a better, happier, and easier place to work at for your staff.

Source: https://bdaily.co.uk/articles/2012/09/09/5-benefits-of-a-well-trained-workforce

Software Training Solutions

Having well trained employees makes the workplace a far better place to work overall.

According to Bdaily, there are 5 principles which make a difference for business performance.

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Morale – Staff satisfaction is very important within a company. If individuals are satisfied with their role, then morale is increased, which in turn, increases work output. Training helps to make people more confident in their role, which directly improves morale. It is important in maintaining morale that staff are trained equally.

Productivity – Better training means better processes. Tasks can be performed far quicker if employees know what they’re doing, and quality of work will also improve. Mistakes that could slow systems down are also far less likely to occur if individuals have the best training for the job that they do. There is also the chance that particularly well trained staff will be able to see where improvements could be made.

Safety – For many businesses, staff safety is the number one priority. Employees lacking in knowledge and skill are more likely to have an accident in the workplace. Training helps to eliminate this as a cause. Many accidents happen because staff do not know how to properly use or store a piece of equipment, so it’s essential they do.

Value – Well trained employees become assets for a business. They add value to the company as a whole, and make internal promotion easier. Promotion from within is of obvious benefit to a company – staff already have a good knowledge of the business and relationships with other members of the workforce.

Independence – Fewer supervisors are needed when staff know exactly what they need to be doing, and how they need to do it. A fully trained workforce can be trusted to operate independently without making mistakes or slowing processes.

  • What software exists for performing task X?
  • Is software X better than software Y? If so, why?
  • How much will it cost to operate software X for a short term project?
  • Does software X seem appropriate for our business needs?
  • Should I consider a commercial or open source implementation?

Cost of our Software Training services

Prices start at £1000 per day. Please enquire for more information.

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