Consumer I.T Solutions

The Importance of Effective I.T for Consumers

Running I.T at home has become an important part of modern life and has changed the way families communicate and work. Here are some use cases for use of I.T in the modern home.

For Parents
  • Producing documents using desktop publishing software's.
  • Filing accounts.
  • Paying bills using internet banking.
  • Online shopping on e-Commerce websites.
For Pets
  • Smart feeding systems.
  • Smart premises entering & exiting systems.
  • Smart lighting for when nobody is home.
For Children
  • Homework / Coursework
  • Watching multimedia on internet streaming services
  • Learning on e-Learning platforms

Modern & cutting edge I.T helps keep our homes & offices safe and operational, and connects people in the United Kingdom with the rest of the world.

households in the United Kingdom (UK) connected to the internet via broadband connection from 2003 to 2019. While in 2003, 11 percent of households had access to the internet via broadband, the share increased to 96 percent in 2019.

As of 2020, most households in the United Kingdom have an internet connection and WiFi but when things don’t go quite to plan Can result in screaming children due to not being able to watch the latest episode of their favourite TV Show.

As more devices have become connected in the modern home, more attack vectors have become available for hackers. E.g. Most internet bill payers have no idea what cyber security is and have no control of what their children do online.

Are you still running outdated hardware in your home? Operating Systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7 have now come to the end of their support window, meaning your PC could potentially be at risk to viruses and malware. Some computer viruses can be more malicious than others

  • Data theft, leading to personal identity theft
  • Using your home computer as a machine to attack other computers on the internet.

  • Controlling your PC without your knowledge, or consent.
  • Spying on your every move by remotely activating your microphone or webcam.

PC Upgrades

Basic Website hosting

We’re experts in dealing with home users and the problems they have, from making your wireless network work around the house, setting up a new printer, to getting your iPad and iPhone to sync contacts with your desktop computer, both on-site and remotely.

A key consideration worth keeping in mind if you own any computing device(s) is:

“Any misconfigured or unconfigured device that’s connected to a network with an active internet connection may pose a security risk to all other devices connected onto the same network.”

If you’re not completely sure what the above statement means, then that’s okay as we’ll try our best to explain why it’s important to upgrade the Software version of Mac OS on your Macbook, in addition to why updating the Software on your Macbook will count as an effective cyber resilient measure.

Operating System Install/Re-install

If you find yourself needing to re-install Windows or macOS you’ll know just how time consuming this can be, even once you’ve installed the operating system, you’ll need all the updates, drivers and more all over again, as well as copying all your data so you don’t lose it.

Why not let Keep-Alive I.T do this for you and save yourself all that time? We’ll do it all for a fixed fee, for Windows or Mac and when you get it back it will all be installed, brought up to date and working with all the basics back on ready to go.

We’ll also make sure all your data is saved, so you won’t lose anything, all included in the price.

Own a copy of MS Office, Photoshop etc? No worries, we’ll put that back on for you, no extra charge, just give us the disks and license numbers and let us do all the work, it won’t cost you a penny more!

Cost £90 Fixed Fee, however long it takes

Windows 10 £119.99 + VAT

Windows 10 Pro £219.99 + VAT