I.T Solutions for Startups


You’ve got the most perfect business idea in your head which you think is going to earn you Millions of pounds and make you rich quickly. Great, that’s a solid start and wonderful news!


Sorry to burst your bubble, but unfortunately, becoming a successful Business Founder is no longer as simple as writing a business plan, advertising in your local newspaper, and selling goods to make you a vast amount of money.

Nowadays, there’s a substantial amount of complex business operations that you as a company founder will need to manage to make (or continue to make) your business successful. This varies depending on the type of business you want to start (or already run) but we guarantee that at least one aspect of your business will need to make use of I.T, and and it’s up to you to decide who manages that I.T.

The truth is, Businesses are just like Children. They grow bigger over time, they need a solid cashflow to keep alive, and most importantly, they require a huge amount of attention & care. As a result of the previous responsibilities, owning a business takes up a huge chunk of your time. Once you agree to become a Director, or a Partner of a Company, you need to act like its Parent. You are it’s Owner, its Legal Occupier, and its first Point of Contact, meaning you have to do everything you possibly can for the business to survive.

Some common daily tasks for a Company Director, or Company Partner include:

  • Being an Accountant.
  • Being a Handyman/Handywoman.
  • Being an I.T Technician.
  • Being a Receptionist.
  • and being a Public Speaker & Public Representative on behalf of a Company.

That’s a lot of tasks for one person to take on, isn’t it? You’re probably thinking “but this what my staff will be for?” but the truth is, you’re not going to have the cashflow to be able to hire talented and experienced staff right away. Experienced staff will expect you to pay them a premium salaried rate and they’ll also expect you to have some Human Resource practises in place as they’ll want to be paid on time.


So what are your options after learning about the above scenario? Well, you could either learn every skill needed to build your business yourself (which can take years, and is neither efficient, or practical). Your other option is to outsource some of the work to other companies and come up with ways of automating repetitive tasks. This is where Keep-Alive I.T’s services come into the equation, and this is where we want to show you how our I.T & Digital services can be beneficial to your Startup.

Getting Started Growth Stage

Getting Started

If you’re just getting started, you’ll probably want to come up with a name for your business. Once you’ve got a suitable business name, it’s important that you register a domain name on the internet for your brand. A domain name is an identity and a way for people to access information about your business on the internet from a web browsers on their devices. An example of a domain name is: ‘digiagency.co.uk’ (which you’re currently browsing right now!). Registering a domain name for your business will cost you, but this depends exactly which domain name you want to buy. It’s important to register a domain name when you open your business, as there’s a potential risk that someone else could snap up the domain name you want. DigiAgency sells domain names, so please check out our Domain Name Registration service if you’d like to register a domain name with us.

Once you’ve got a domain name, you’ll need to get a Website designed for your business so information about your business is presented to your customers nicely. This website will be accessible from the domain name you just bought, so if you’ve got multiple web pages they’ll need to be linked together to keep things consistent for your users. The process of designing a website for your business can be quite cumbersome, so that’s why it’s a good idea to hire an external company to do this. DigiAgency has 10+ years of experience with designing websites and knows of the latest and greatest design trends on the internet. If you’d like to hire us to take care of designing your business website, please see our Web Design service page.

In addition to designing a website, you’ll also need someone to develop it. This involves programming the design using a markup language called HTML.

If you’ve got interactive elements to your website, you’ll also need to use CSS and JavaScript to get your page looking nice and working as expected. You’ll need a web developer to work on this for you. DigiAgency has 10+ years of experience with developing websites, so please check out our Web Development service page if you’d like to know more information about the process of developing a website. Once you’ve got your website designed and developed, you’ll need to find a Web Host that can ‘host’ the website for you. ‘Hosting’ is the process of renting server resources from a Web Hosting Reseller and placing your website files on their server so your website is accessible over the internet. Buying Web Hosting saves you as a business from having to deal with the hassle of hosting an on-premise server, which can be expensive and involves expertise of the internet and computing systems. DigiAgency offers ultra fast Web Hosting at competitive pricing, so be sure to check out our Web Hosting page for more information. Once you’ve got your website online, you’ll probably want to start communicating with customers and signing up to other internet services, for this, you’ll need an email address. Email works by sending data packets over the internet using different rules (which are called protocols in the computing world). These protocols include SMTP, POP, and IMAP. Once you’ve got email hosting, you can send & receive emails under your own customised alias and any messages sent to that alias will be delivered to the mailboxes you specify. E.g. If you want to create an email alias for dealing with the sales department of your business, you’d want to create an alias called “sales” for your domain name. This could be: ‘sales@yourdomain.com’ and then you could setup a forwarding rule so any messages sent to this email address will be forwarded to multiple mailboxes. DigiAgency offers email hosting as a standalone package, or as an all inclusive solution included with our Web Hosting package. If you’d like to buy email hosting for your business so you can manage email in this way, please check out our Email Hosting service page.

By this point, you should have everything needed to establish your business’s brand online. In the next section we’ll explain some of the other things needed to grow your online presence.

Growing your Startup’s online presence

Once you’ve established your online brand and your new website has launched, you’ll need to work on promoting your website so you can provide your customers with the information needed to make sales for your Company. The best way of making sales online is to publish content and engage with your target audience by communicating with them on a regular basis using online social media channels. However, more content does not always mean more customers! You need to find the balance by posting the right content at the right time and keep a positive attitude towards talking to your followers. This process is known as Social Media Management. Although Social Media Management is easy to do, many companies decide to outsource this work completely as it can be a very time consuming task. DigiAgency is able to manage your Social Media profiles efficiently, please see our Social Media Management service for more information.

If you’re serious about gaining more of an insight about your customers and how potential customers are engaging with your website, it’s a good idea to install Analytics and Tracking software on your website.

To gather even more information about the users who are using your website, you’ll need to send out Surveys to your users and add Forms to your website which gather email addresses. DigiAgency offers a Forms and Survey Generation service for this.

Once you’ve acquired enough email addresses, it’s a good idea to produce Marketing Emails to sell new goods to your customers. DigiAgency offers an Email Marketing service.

As you’ve now collected a great amount of data about your customers from the previous steps, you should now focus on improving the SEO of your website as there’s a good chance it’s not as good as it should be if you didn’t put enough money into making your website SEO friendly in the first place. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is the process of performing changes to your website so Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

Getting their MVP finished at an affordable price.